Easy Living Warranty

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Manx carpets have developed a special stain blocking technology that never wears off creating no fuss stain resistant carpet for today’s lifestyle

Intec Carpet Protector

Now your carpets can be cost effectively protected by Intec. Can you afford to be without it?

Intec carpet protector protects your valuable carpets from dirt and stains. It is water based and has been designed to be environmentally friendly.

WOW – Wool Owner’s Warranty

Beauty, durability, softness, sustainability and peace of mind –  things that we all look for when purchasing a carpet and now, thanks to the Wool Owner’s Warranty – WOW – something that we can all have!

The Wool Owner’s Warranty is a special after-care service for consumers who buy a wool or wool-rich carpet or rug from participating manufacturers. The warranty and maintenance programme combine  to keep your carpet spotless and looking beautiful all the time.

Stain Removal

No matter how careful a person is, sooner or later carpets will become stained as a result of spillage and domestic mishaps. Prompt and correct treatment will remove many of these stains and leave the carpet in a satisfactory state.

The golden rule with stains is to act quickly to remove the spilt substance before it penetrates the carpet pile. Stains which have been allowed to dry are more difficult if not impossible to remove.

Maintenance Systems


Download WOW Leaflet here: pdfWOW Leaflet

Having purchased a new Manx Tomkinson carpet, it is natural to want to maintain its initial appearance as long as possible.

The carpets in the Manx Tomkinson collection are not given a secondary stain protection application since wool fibre itself has built-in natural soil and stain resistant properties. Compared to other fibres, wool releases soil more easily in cleaning, and responds particularly well to vacuum cleaning. Dirt and spillages may be spot cleaned off a wool carpet more easily than off synthetic carpets. However, it is still necessary to prevent soiling as much as possible and to follow a regular cleaning schedule.