Intec Carpet Protector

Now your carpets can be cost effectively protected by Intec. Can you afford to be without it?

Intec carpet protector protects your valuable carpets from dirt and stains. It is water based and has been designed to be environmentally friendly.

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 20.54.05 300x1171What is Intec?

Intec protector is the effective way to protect your carpets from dirt and stains.

Developed for a commercial use in hotels and airlines, innovative resinous co-polymer formula is now available to you.

Intec is the most comprehensive protection available.

coffee spillAn invisible shield

Intec forms an invisible shield around every fibre, keeping your carpets looking good and making them easier to clean and care for.

Intec is extremely durable and gives lasting protection even in the most demanding conditions.

Intec does not alter the carpets’s colour.

Intec has been designed to be environmentally friendly.

Intec is water based and it does not contain harmful solvents.

muddy bootsIntec shrugs off dirt and spills

Intec’s new soil release formula repels dirt, even oil based spills. Anti static agents prevent attraction of dry soils to carpets ensuring quick and effective everyday cleaning

Intec reduces abrasion and significantly increases the usable life of your carpets. Spills are simply mopped up by absorbent paper or a clean towel – even dried in stains are easy to remove.

Deep down protection

Intec’s deep down protection ensures that when the stains disappear, so do the smells; even tobacco smell cannot linger in the fibres.

Environmentally friendly

We continually develop our product to ensure that we remain the most efficient, cost effective, ecologically sound carpet protector on the market.

wine spillWhat to do when an accident occurs

If it is a liquid spill, soak up as much of the spillage as possible using plenty of absorbent kitchen roll applying light pressure. Do not scrub, but let the kitchen paper absorb as much liquid as possible. In many cases, this will be all that is needed.

If it is a dry soil, or marking remains after treating a liquid spill, remove any substance as gently as possible. Dampen a clean sponge in warm water. Use the sponge to gently loosen the stain from the fibres – do not scrub. Dry with a clean towel or kitchen paper. Repeat the damp sponge and drying process if necessary.