Eco Collection

What will happen to the water bottle you have thrown into the recycling bin ?

Recycled P.E.T carpet has qualities that make it an attractive and practical to use.

The plastic fibre wears well and resists absorbing stains.

Easy Living

Accidents do happen. That’s why our family friendly Easy Living collection is designed with stain blocking technology, creating no fuss stain resistant carpet for today’s lifestyle.

All of our Easy Living collection carpets have a free stain & wear warranty against food & drink stains, are bleach cleanable (diluted with 50% water), moth proof, hypo allergenic and 2 ply, ensuring durability and value for money.

Twist Collection

Twist carpet is a cut pile made from twisted fibres, and is the most commonly-used style of tufted carpet. The most common carpet fibre blend is 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre mix. Manx carpets are proud members of the British Wool Marketing Board. Wool is recognised as the best fibre to use in carpet as it’s naturally flame-retardant, durable, easy to clean and retains its appearance well. It offers softness and ease of cleaning, doesn’t flatten easily and resists abrasion and dirt. It has natural insulation properties which is good for reducing both heat loss and noise.

Natural Collection

Loop carpet is made from uncut loops of yarn which can be flat or textured. They generally have a rugged appearance, similar to natural flooring like sisal, and look particularly good in hallways or on stairs. This type of carpet is great for busy rooms as the weave bounces back really easily.