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What’s so special about wool?  Why choose a wool carpet?

Wool is strong and resilient, and, being particularly robust, is perfect for busy areas in the home.

Easy to care for and highly practical, wool carpets simply need regular vacuuming to preserve their good appearance.

A natural resistance to stains means that, in many cases, fresh spills can be removed by just using clean water and absorbent cloths - chemical cleaners are not always required.

Noise transfer from room to room is reduced due to wool’s ability to absorb sound and reduce echo.

Unlike hard flooring, wool holds dust until vacuumed so keeping the air you breathe at home cleaner.

Wool is highly flame retardant, doesn’t ignite easily and largely self-extinguishes. Commercial Buyers know this and will specify wool over other fibres for added safety in areas such as hotels and new houses.

Wool is a fully renewable and sustainable fibre; it replenishes every year after shearing.

Having a natural resilience, wool fibre can resist pressure over and over again; this is due to the springy crimp of the fibre which is formed as it grows.

Wool is warm and its natural insulating properties reduce heat loss in the home lowering both heating bills and your carbon footprint.

It resists dirt and dust in the atmosphere and its natural oils give it added protection to ensure long-lasting good looks.

Even after being shorn from the sheep, wool’s complex cell structure continues to absorb and release humidity, making your environment more comfortable.

What is WOW?

Beauty, durability, softness, sustainability and peace of mind - things that we all look for when purchasing a carpet and now, thanks to the Wool Owner’s Warranty – WOW – something that we can all have!

The Wool Owner’s Warranty is a special after-care service for consumers who buy a wool or wool-rich carpet from participating manufacturers. The warranty and maintenance programme combine to keep your carpet spotless and looking beautiful all the time.

WOW can last the lifetime of the carpet. The initial warranty is for12 months from the date of purchase. However, this warranty can be extended indefinitely.

Just have your carpet professionally cleaned by your WOW Registered Carpet Cleaner once a year and your warranty is automatically renewed - visit the website now for more details -