Eco Collection

What will happen to the water bottle you have thrown into the recycling bin ?

Recycled P.E.T carpet has qualities that make it an attractive and practical to use.

The plastic fibre wears well and resists absorbing stains.

The P.E.T used to make drinks bottles is a high quality resin, because it must meet FDA standards in order to be considered food grade . Its quality is not diminished by the recycling process – even after being ground into flakes, melted and extruded into carpet fibres, it produces a yarn that is of a higher quality than most other synthetic carpet yarns.

plastic-circles-webEco – Beautiful carpet made from recyclable plastic bottles.

Step 1 –1000s of plastic bottles are reclaimed on the behalf of Manx Carpets.

Step 2 – The plastic bottles are recycled into plastic P.E.T chips.

Step 3 – The P.E.T chips are extruded into ECOSMART fibre.

Step 4 – ECOSMART fibre is made into stunning, beautiful carpet. Creating a greener and brighter future for us all.

Carpet is only one of many products that use recycled P.E.T. If 30-40 two-litre bottles are collected on your street this week, then you and your neighbours have helped to make one square metre of carpet. The next time you carpet a family room you might, in effect, be doing so with material from a neighbourhood near you.