Soft, luxurious and soothing, our Indulgence tufted nylon carpets have a mix of delicate and vibrant tones which bring depth and style into the home. Carpets within this range have extra cushion and extra soft fibres which add both comfort and luxury with the use of iSense yarn. iSense is a unique, extremely soft polyamide yarn that outperforms any other carpet yarn when it comes to soothing comfort. With a mixture of 9 soothing colours to choose from, this range includes varying degrees of colours including greys, browns, beiges as well as blue and red tones. 

Indulgence Limestone
Our Indulgence range is well suited to heavy domestic use and can be used in the lounge, dining room, hall, stairs, landing and bedroom. Each carpet in this range is made from iSense Saxony 100% Nylon which is both durable and luxurious. Browse our range of tufted nylon carpets now to find the right shade for your home.
Indulgence Devon