Breathing Space Carpet Made From ResilonX™

As sustainability and environmental factors are becoming increasingly important so are our decisions, here at Manx Tomkinson as we create and develop our carpet collections, we are constantly striving to ensure our collections work towards a cleaner future.

Be inspired for change with our Breathing Space collection.

Taking that next step forward for a cleaner future using ResilonX™ a yarn made from plastic bottles, which are then revived to create a beautiful, soft and luxurious carpet collection.

What is ResilonX™ Carpet yarn?

ResilonX™ is a yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, using a process that involves reprocessing plastic waste into a carpet material. The Resilonx® yarn is manufactured by Welspun Flooring, a global leader in the synthetic fibres industry who strive for quality, innovation and sustainability. Welspun recover various plastic bottles and of polluting our oceans, this plastic waste is collected, reprocessed, and transformed into new ResilonX™ yarn which in turn are used to create a luxuriously soft carpet collection.

How is ResilonX™ Recycled Polyester Made into Carpet?

 To create our Breathing Space carpet collection, there is a 3-step process before It’s transformation into carpet.

Step One: Recover

The process begins with arranging the recovery of waste of plastic bottles and tops from around the globe. This waste is carefully sorted through and cleaned to remove impurities.

Step Two: Reprocess

The plastic waste is cleaned and then shredded using a revolutionary process to repurpose and purify the plastic into chips. Making it a truly sustainable alternative.

Step Three: Redefine

Next, the plastic chips are melted, cooled and spun into a redefined yarn which is then used to create beautiful carpet collections. 

Features of  ResilonX ™ Carpet Benefits For Your Home  
Durable ResilonX™ carpets are known for their exceptional durability, they take higher heat and have a higher resistance than Nylon carpets, resulting in extremely durable carpets. Proven to stand the test of time and hold up traffic areas.  
Polyester ResilonX™ carpets take on bold colours really well, they also reflect light which gives the carpet a stunning clarity of colour.  
Softness ResilonX™ carpets offer unappareled luxury, soft and sumptuous underfoot adding warmth and texture to any home.  
Stain Resistant  ResilonX™ carpets have naturally stain-resistant properties,  making them resistant to any accidental spills and stains, this makes them easy to clean and maintain at home.  

How is ResilonX™ Carpet Eco-Friendly?

When you choose to buy our Breathing Space collection to complete your home, you’re helping embrace a cleaner future.

Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable, therefore by reusing the discarded waste rather than adding to our already increasing landfills we are helping to reduce waste and prevent pollution entering our oceans. Contributing to a continuous cycle of regeneration and sustainability.

ResilonX™ production, uses 92% less water and 42% less energy for production compared a Nylon carpet. 

By utilising recycled plastic bottles, ResilonX™ yarn reduce the need for virgin nylon production, ResilonX™ uses 60% less CO compared to Virgin Nylon. By choosing  ResilonX™ you’re contributing to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. production.

Features & Benefits of ResilonX™ Carpet

Not only is our Breathing Space carpet collection environmentally-friendly, this collection is stunningly luxurious, available in 18 carefully curated colours and 2 weight this collection has so much to offer, there is something for all interior design styles.

The carpets in our Breathing Space collection have a sumptuous look and feel, resulting in a lush and affluent appearance. Breathing space works is an ideal choice for living rooms and bedrooms due its elegant prestige finish.

Explore Manx Tomkinson’s ResilonX™ Carpet Range

Be inspired for change with our Breathing Space collection and take that next step forward for a cleaner future using ResilonX™.

By choosing this carpet you’re making a conscious decision to minimise the impact on our planet. Better still, you’re selecting a long-lasting flooring option that opens up a wide range of aesthetic possibilities. Our brand-new range consists of 18 versatile products, with rich colour options, patterns and texture, all with a lavish velvet finish. Achieve comfort, style and sustainability and upscale your home.

Whether you’re transforming your living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway, an ResilonX™ carpet is a great choice, in more ways than one.

Lets get you covered.