When you step into your home after a long day, you want to be met with a soft, comfortable feeling underfoot, getting you ready for the evenings relaxation. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and stairs, our range of soft carpets are cosy and relaxing. Our synthetic, wool and wool blend carpets provide your home with comfort and luxury whilst also being versatile and hard wearing. We have soft carpets in a variety of colours and patterns, whether you’re looking to make a statement with vibrant, bold tones, or you want softer subtler tones to complement your interior. Whatever your style, we have a range of soft carpets that are perfect for your home.

Opulence Pearl Opulence – Pearl
Opulence - Rhino Opulence – Rhino
Opulence Silver Opulence – Silver
Opulence Taupe Opulence – Taupe
Opulence Warm Beige Opulence – Warm Beige
Extravagance – Josephine
Extravagance Oatmeal Extravagance – Oatmeal
Extravagance - Rope Extravagance – Rope
Extravagance Sahara Extravagance – Sahara
Extravagance – Victoria
Indulgence Arran Indulgence – Arran
Indulgence – Blossom
Indulgence – Capsule
Indulgence Devon Indulgence – Devon
Indulgence – Fairy
Indulgence Limestone Indulgence – Limestone
Indulgence Mendip Indulgence – Mendip
Indulgence - Satin Indulgence – Satin
Indulgence Urban Indulgence – Urban
Opulence Biscuit Opulence – Biscuit
Opulence - Coal Opulence – Coal
Opulence Cream Opulence – Cream
Opulence Glacier Opulence – Glacier
Opulence Mid Grey Opulence – Mid Grey
Opulence Nero Opulence – Nero
Desire Cornwall Desire – Cornwall
Desire - Date Desire – Date
Desire - Firework Desire – Firework
Desire – Harvest
Desire – Leather
Desire – Panna
Desire Rye Desire – Rye
Desire Solitude Desire – Solitude
Desire Traffic Desire – Traffic
Desire Wheat Desire – Wheat
Extravagance - Amanda Extravagance – Amanda
Extravagance-Anthracite Extravagance – Anthracite
Extravagance Charlotte Extravagance – Charlotte
Extravagance-Desert Extravagance – Desert
Extravagance – Emily
Extravagance-Fayre Extravagance – Fayre
Extravagance-Francesca Extravagance – Francesca
Natural Choice Jurassic Natural Choice – Jurassic
Natural Choice – Kiln
Natural Choice – Limestone
Natural Choice – Magnesium
Natural Choice – Potassium
Natural Choice – Rope
Natural Choice – Sand
Natural Choice – Sodium
Natural Rustic – Birdsong
Natural Rustic – Fresh Air
Natural Rustic – Grey Day
Natural Rustic – Hill Climb
Natural Rustic – Light Rain
Natural Rustic – Low Sun
Natural Rustic – Nature Trail
Natural Rustic – Pathway
Natural Rustic – Puddle
Natural Choice-Aluminium Natural Choice – Aluminium
Natural Choice- Cobalt Natural Choice – Cobalt
Natural Choice Flint Natural Choice – Flint
Natural Choice Granite Natural Choice – Granite
Cadiz - Artic Cadiz – Artic
Cadiz-Cathedral Cadiz – Cathedral
Cadiz – Costa
Cadiz-Grey Cadiz – Grey
Cadiz-Husk Cadiz – Husk
Cadiz-Marbella Cadiz – Marbella
Cadiz Oatmeal Cadiz – Oatmeal
Cadiz-Playa Cadiz – Playa
Cadiz-Rowan Cadiz – Rowan
Cadiz-Spruce Cadiz – Spruce
Cadiz – Steel
Cadiz-Sycamore Cadiz – Sycamore