What width does carpet come in?

Step-by-step guide to measuring carpet for stairs and landing

Let’s make it simple for you! We’ll give you a step-by-step guide so you know exactly what you’re doing: 

    1. Begin at the top step and measure the width and length of the step. For the width, measure from the widest point of the step from one side to the other. For the length, measure from the front lip of the step right over to the back edge. 

    1. Record these measurements and label them “width” and “length”.

    1. Measure the length of the staircase from the top step to the bottom step. To do this, measure from the front edge of the top step to the back edge of the bottom step. 

    1. Record this measurement and label it “staircase length.”

    1. Multiply the width and length measurements of each step to get the square footage of each step. 

    1. Add all of the step square footage together to get the total square footage of the staircase. 

    1. This is the amount of carpet you’ll need to purchase. Tip! It’s always best to buy slightly over the square footage of what you need, this accounts for any accidental cutting or uneven steps. 

For your landing, you will want to follow a similar process whereby you measure the width of the widest point and the length of the landing. That way you can calculate the square footage of carpet needed to cover your landing as well as your staircase. 

Apply the same process if you are carpeting your ground floor hallway with the same carpet for a cohesive transitional space.

What carpet types are best for stairs and landings?

When it comes to choosing the best carpet for your stairs, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to choose one that is durable and can withstand high traffic areas. To make things easier, we have a wide range of durable options that are the best carpets for stairs. You’ll want to select a carpet that will not only complement your home’s overall design but also be ready for the high foot traffic of this transitional area. 

The most popular type of carpet for stairs is Berber. Berber carpets are made from looped fibres that provide a sturdy and durable surface, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. If you have pets or small children, Berber carpet is a good option to consider for stairs.

Another popular type of carpet for stairs is the Saxony carpet. Saxony carpets are made from twisted nylon fibres that provide a soft, plush surface. They’re great for adding comfort and style to your home. However, because they’re made from softer fibres which are not as durable they may show wear and tear more easily.

If you’re looking for a carpet that’s both stylish and durable for your stairs, consider a looped pile carpet. Loop pile carpets are made from tightly twisted fibres that provide a sturdy surface. They’re resistant to dirt and debris, making them a good choice for transitional areas as the many footprints pass by.

Maintaining transitional areas 

No matter what type of carpet you choose, be sure to vacuum it regularly to keep it looking its best. Vacuuming not only removes the dirt and debris from your high-traffic areas, but it also helps to prolong the life of your carpet. 

When vacuuming, be sure to use the appropriate attachment for your particular type of carpet. For example, if you have a looped pile carpet, use a beater brush attachment to avoid damaging the fibres. It’s always advised to give your carpets a professional cleaning service every year or so, this can also ensure carpets with heavy footfall stay fresher for longer. 

If you choose a wool carpet option for your staircase and landing, you’ll also benefit from the Wool Owners Warranty, an after-care service specifically for customers of wool or wool-rich carpet from participating manufacturers. You can read more on wool carpet care and maintenance on our blog. For other options, you can find more on care and maintenance or consult your carpet manufacturer’s guide.

Now you know how to measure your stairs and landing for carpet, you just need to choose the right carpet for you! Whether that be a natural calm aesthetic with neutral shades of wool loop, or a vibrant Saxony nylon showstopper for your stairwell. 

Always remember to keep in mind the durability and pile type best suited to stairs and you’re sure to find an option that meets your needs. There’s a perfect carpet for a staircase that can really show off any style!

Lets get you covered.