Classic Berber Wool Loop Carpet

Get the country look with our Classic Berber wool carpet. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, bringing you closer to the earth with its wool properties.

perfect for all interior styles. This beautiful range of 20 neutral colours inspired by nature can complement  any interior style and comes in 2 designs: Romeo and Juliet, both with differing textures. This range of carpet is versatile and easy to maintain due to the wool’s natural stain resistant properties and naturally springy in texture making it perfect for the busy home. 

Our Classic Berber collection is 100% wool composition with a 2ply multi loop. Naturally soft and great insulator because it traps air within its fibres, which is perfect for inside your home as it can help to regulate temperature.

Offering that cosy traditional look and practical this hardwearing carpet is also moth resistant, action backed, a tog of 1.02 and can be purchased in 4m or 5m widths. Covered by the Wool Owners Warranty which includes stain removal carpet cleaner as well as a paid option for cleaning aftercare by a professional.

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