Seasonal Views

​​Inspired by the landscapes, the people, our towns, cities and countryside

Influenced by the great British landscape, our Seasonal Views carpet collection blends outdoor living with home comforts. Celebrating all four corners of the British Isles, this collection is made with 100% British yarn, Wool Britannia®, which is sustainable, natural and resilient. With 16 colours to choose from, you will find a range of organic tones inspired by the landscapes, the people, our towns, cities and countryside. 

Original oil painting showing beautiful Autumn tree. Modern Impressionism
Not only does this collection pay homage to our industrial heritage, but it uses natural materials which support British farmers and local communities centred around rural businesses. The Seasonal Views collection combines traditional materials with a contemporary feel to create the perfect wool carpet for every room in your home.
his is my Photographic Image of a Queen Annes Lace Flower in a Modern Watercolour Effect. Because sometimes you might want a more illustrative image for an organic look.