Tomkinson Twist

Inspired by the colourful range of the natural world, combined with the serenity of home comforts, our Tomkinson Twist wool carpets are suitable for any interior style. This range of carpets is versatile, subtle and easy to maintain. The collection has 25 neutral coloured carpets and 6 coordinating striped carpets ranging from the light, calming tones of Old Gold to the warming tones of Chestnut. 

Easy Clean
Tomkinson Twist Walnut-003
All carpets come in an extensive variety of weights and qualities, including Regular, Supreme, Deluxe, Ultimate and Luxury, depending on stitches per inch. Each carpet is made up of an 80/20 composition, giving it a natural springiness that allows the carpet to ‘bounce back’ over prolonged use. Covered by the Wool Owners Warranty, the Tomkinson Twist collection is a perfect addition to your home and brings with it a warm, fresh feeling.
Tomkinson Twist Walnut