Tomkinson Plains Wool Carpet

From deep reds to calming blues, the Tomkinson Plains range embraces a bold colour pallet that is perfect for modern homes. With soft neutral tones for a delicate homely feel and muted primary colours to make a statement, there is something to suit every taste. Made with an 80 20 wool carpet, the natural springiness of the wool allows the carpet to bounce back time and time again. With 20 vibrant colours to choose from, this wool twist carpet will compliment any home. 

Our Tomkinson Plains carpet is a simple, vibrant and cosy addition to any modern home. With a selection of soft and statement tones to choose from, this plain wool carpet collection can brighten up your home.

Carpets within this range bounce back time and time again because of the natural springiness of the wool, which makes them hard-wearing over prolonged use.

For that added peace of mind, this carpet range can be covered by the Wool Owner’s Warranty, which includes stain removal carpet cleaner as well as a paid option for cleaning aftercare by a professional.